American Girl Doll Coloring Pages

The first thing that a girl befriends in her childhood days is a ‘Doll’. When you remember the days when you play with them, get them dressed it brings back all the good memories that you want to cherish. The American girl doll that is sold in every gift and toy shop in the United States of America is an appropriate example. These dolls are available in a variety of ethnicities that has made these dolls achieve huge success in the market. Similarly, the American doll coloring pages have also created their mark over the web.

The different postures, styling and the scenes in which the dolls are performing different activities are featured in the collection. These can be colored in different shades of vibrant pastel colors and crayons by the kids. These sheets portray many beautiful drawings of these toys for the little girls. The pages that feature the dolls named McKenna, Coconut and Julie are the favorites among most of the kids. Don’t wait; collect them all to make your child happy.

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