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Avengers Colouring Pages-Avengers are a group of superheroes. All the characters are fictional. These characters appeared in the American comic books that were published by Marvel Comics. The first copy that was released was The Avengers. Its writer and editor were Stan Lee. Earlier there was another superhero team called All-Winners Squad. Avengers is a renovation of this team. All-winners squad was part of the comic series Timely Comics. The Lego Avengers Coloring Pages has multiple characters from the series. You can opt for your favorite or download all of them.

Marvel Avengers Colouring Pages

Originally Iron Man, Ant-Man, the Hulk, and Thor were part of the series. In fact, there was a change from Ant-Man to Giant-Man in the second edition of the series. Captain America is another popular character in the Avengers group. They found him trapped in ice and since then it is part of the group. The hallmark of the series is rotating roster. According to the theme, no single superhero can win the fight. They have to work together to win the fight. You will find all of them in the Avengers colouring pages. The powers of these superheroes are amazing. If Batman is your favorite character then check the lego batman coloring pages.

Avengers Coloring Picture

This unique superhero team has been part of various other ventures. These include the animated television series. There was a film with the title “The Avengers”. It was released in the year 2012. The film achieved great milestones. Its weekend collection was about $207.4 million. The second film of this series was released with the title “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. This was followed by Avengers: Infinity War. The series is popular amongst kids and adults. These HD quality pages are just going to make your day. Choose your favorite color and change the look of your superhero.

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