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Bambi Coloring Pages – Thinking of a deer reminds you of a beautiful white-tailed creature that grazes in the forests and grasslands. A similar character named ‘Bambi’ has featured in the David Hand animated film in the year 1942. The film is inspired by the famous book titled ‘Bambi, A Life in the Woods’. This American fiction comprises of characters namely, Bambi, and his friends Thumper- the rabbit and Skunk- the flower. The imaginary drama, by virtue of its concept, attracted many kids from all over the world.

Bambi Coloring Pages

For the sake of the story, Disney changed the species of Bambi to mule deer. The original species is roe but it is not native to North America. Thus, the mule deer species is used. The film is also part of the National Film Registry. Bambi is born to the Great Prince of the Forest. He protects the woodland creatures from the hunters. In between the story, Bambi’s mother dies as she is shot by the hunters. The story is how Bambi grows up to be a brave deer who saves the creatures from the dangers. The popularity achieved by the film also caught the attention of the children towards the wonderful collection of Bambi coloring sheets. Olaf is a funny character from one of the Disney series. so check the Olaf Coloring Pages.

Online Bambi Coloring Pages 

These pages feature many interesting pictures that showcase the main characters of the movie in the form of monochrome sketches. These sketches can be colored from the young ones to the little ones using vibrant shades of colors to make the sheets lively and striking. These pictures can be easily downloaded from our website and start coloring to provide wings to your artistic skills.

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