Free Printable Barney & Friends Coloring Pages For Kindergarten

Have you ever heard of a pink colored dinosaur that is two hundred million years old and still exists? If not, then let me take you the world of Barney the dinosaur and his friends. Barney is a popular dinosaur from the cartoon series titled ‘Barney & Friends’, which is a six feet tall tyrannosaurus. He has a green tummy, green dots on his back, and yellow toes. An imagination of a child brings the dinosaur to life that has been known for his silly yet hopeful attitude towards life. Barney likes to eat sandwiches having peanut butter along with a glass of milk, veggies, and pistachios. Although, Barney celebrates his birthday in the cartoon series, but still continues to be more than 2 dinosaur years old. This comical character has been illustrated in our extensive collection of Barney coloring sheets that can be colored by both the kids and adults.

Barney & Friends is a television series intended for children in the age group of 1 to 8 years. Barney, the main character of the show is very friendly. In the show, Barney is accompanied by his dinosaur friends namely BJ, Riff, and Baby Bop. The show makes use of both original songs as well as songs for the children to convey various play school topics and subjects through imagination, making them familiar with the music, and building a lovely environment through friendship. This is the reason why the adults also like their kids watching this show, as it will definitely enhance their imagination and will discover new activities for playing in the school.

This online category of coloring pages features the silly dinosaur playing various preschool games, celebrating his birthday, and enjoying with his friends. Nowadays, among all the pictures in the collection, the sheet in which Barney is celebrating Halloween is loved by many people from all corners of the world. To make your children happy, download these coloring pictures from our webpage and paint them using different vibrant shades of colors.

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