Superhero Batman Coloring Pages For Boys

Batman is the superhero and the defender of Gotham City, a man clothed like a bat and battles against the evil and builds panic into the criminal’s hearts everywhere in the city. He is secretly known as Bruce Wayne, the well-known billionaire industrialist, and an infamous playboy too. He doesn’t possess any superhuman powers; still, he is one of the world’s smartest and intellectual men and the greatest fighters of all time. His physical strength and scientific ingenuity make him an immensely dangerous rival. He is the member of the Outsiders and the Justice League also. The adventures and the action scenes from the movie and the comic strip have been aligned in our hottest collection of Batman coloring sheets that illustrates the batman figure with the help of some perfect line drawings.

When he was a little child, Bruce Wayne watched his mother and father murdered before his eyes. His parents Thomas and Martha Wayne were detained at gunpoint by a robber when they were coming back from a theatre with their son. The robber demanded the pearl necklace more by his mother when his father refused to surrender; both of them were shot dead by the thug known as Joe Chill.

After getting the shock of his life, Bruce swore an oath to liberate this city of the sin that has taken the lives of his parents. He spent his childhood traveling the globe, training himself to pursue physical and intellectual excellence and learning a variety of crime-fighting abilities, which include martial arts, gymnastics, chemistry, criminology, forensics, and the artistry to escape. At the age of 14, he was all trained to get rid of the criminals that very roaming freely in the city of Gotham.

The batman colouring pages feature the bold and stylish Bruce wearing the batman costume and also Robin who is his companion. The sketches of superheroes from the Justice League featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, Flash, and Cyborg are loved and appreciated by many people from all over the world. The coloring pictures of Joker the villain have also been illustrated in this category to add a sense of the totality of this comic strip. Therefore, to revive your memories related to this superhero, download these pictures from our webpage and color them using batman colors to make them look authentic.

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