Beautiful Butterfly Coloring Pages For Preschool

The butterfly is one of the most beautiful creations of god that are used in various artistic works and decorating material. They belong to a group known as Lepidoptera, similar to the moths. The Greek word ‘Lepidoptera’ means wings with scales. This name completely suits these insects because their wings are covered with many of such tiny scales overlying on each other. These winged scales are arranged in colorful patterns that are unique to each species; give the butterfly its flawless beauty. That is why they are very popular among the girl child and many teenage girls also have butterfly tattoos on their body as it looks very elegant. Butterflies are also the first thing that parents teach their kids to draw. The parents then let their children draw and color it in any way they like, by using a variety of bright shades.

The life cycle of a butterfly is made up of some stages that this living organism goes through during its life span called complete metamorphosis. It means that it changes completely from its larval early stage, when it’s a caterpillar, until the finishing stage, when it turns into a graceful adult butterfly. The life cycle of a butterfly has four different phases that are namely egg, larva, pupa, and adult that too in the same sequence. If you are a keen observer, then you might see butterflies involved in many activities in their day-to-day lives like hibernation, migration, and basking.

If you think about what they eat, then I must tell you that adult butterflies are also very choosy about what they eat. Butterflies roam around and look for an appropriate food over a much broader area, unlike the caterpillars that crawl on a single plant or leaf. The butterflies are able to feed on various liquids through a capillary-like tongue known as a proboscis. Most of them generally favor flower nectar, but others may feed on the liquids found in rotting fruits and in animal dung. They generally prefer feeding in the sun where there no sign of a wind blowing.

All the stages of its lifecycle and its activities have been exquisitely showcased in the Butterfly coloring pictures to colour. These sheets are immensely loved by many people from all the corners of the world due to the variety of butterfly this category provides in its sheets. With these images, you can make some colorful butterflies and paste them on the walls of your room. These pages are available on our webpage in high-quality pdf format. So, fetch them all and make you own coloring book by painting them with bright and vibrant butterfly colors to make them lively.

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