Disney Princess Cinderella Coloring Pages

Thinking about Cinderella makes us think of the beautiful and gorgeous Disney Princess that won many hearts all over the world mainly due to her everlasting beauty and charm. Cinderella is the main female character of a Disney animation movie of the same title that was released in the era of 1950’s. Cinderella is the second Disney Princess as she featured in the movie following the much popular Snow White. Cinderella is a girl who is kind towards all the people and especially her mice friends that are named Gus and Jaq. She mainly trusts that if we keep believing in something, our wish will sooner or later be true. Her Fairy Godmother helped her and she eventually gets an opportunity to fulfill and live her dreams to the fullest. This highly admired Disney Princess has been beautifully illustrated in the exclusive collection of Cinderella coloring pictures.

These pages feature the beautiful Cinderella by means of many high-quality greyscale sketches for coloring. The pictures in the collection showcase Cinderella wearing a gown and perfectly dressed like a princess. Among all the sheets in this category, the picture that illustrates Cinderella and Prince dancing is loved by many people worldwide over the web. These pages can be colored by both the kids and the adults for enjoying some quality fun time. So, don’t wait and get all the images from our webpage free of cost and use many shades of bright colors to make your sheets look gorgeous like Cinderella.

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