Disney Bunnies Coloring Pages Free Printable

Disney Bunnies Coloring Pages – Thumper, in the 21st century, evolved as the center of attraction of a series of books in the Disney Bunnies. This collection of three books was launched by the Walt Disney Company in the year 2007. The books were titled Goodnight Thumper, Thumper Counts to Ten, and I Love You My Bunnies. Thumper is a fictional character. The name of this character is derived from the habit of thumping the left hind foot. Its young adult version can be seen in the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. It has an important influence on the development of Bambi.

Disney Bunnies Coloring Pages

The response that these books got from the readers worldwide was immensely overwhelming and also enhances the popularity of the coloring pages. The Disney bunnies coloring pages showcase the characters of the film Bambi and its follow-up sequel Bambi 2. In this collection, the main attraction for the kids is the exquisite sketches of Thumper – the rabbit performing various activities. You can also check the Bambi Coloring Pages as Thumper is part of movie Bambi.

Disney Bunnies Coloring Sheets

These sheets illustrate the activities of the sweet and cute rabbit that made its first appearance in the film Bambi. The characteristic features of this little exciting creature have been accurately portrayed in the realistic bunny pictures. To witness the aura of magic that this rabbit creates, download these pages for your kids to color and cherish.

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