Coloring Pages & Book on “DOG” For Adults & Kids

Dogs are the animals that belong to the family of Canis and have been ‘Man’s best friend’ for over centuries now. Most probably, dogs were the first domesticated animals on the planet. There are many distinct tame dog breeds found in the world and some of them can never endure in the undomesticated although they share a lot of characteristics with their untamed or wild Canis members. The South Asian wolf is considered the descendant of both wild and domestic dogs. The dogs that live as pets also share many similar behavioral traits. The pet dogs bury toys and bones, just like a wild dog buries its prey as an afterward meal. All these activities performed by a dog and the popular pet breeds of dogs have been aligned in our exclusive collection of Dog and puppy coloring pages.

Dogs make use of odor and physical appearance to converse with each other. The body posture, expressions, and movements of a dog portray a message that can be recognized by even humans. Dogs bark, whine and growl to vocally communicate with anyone in their vicinity. Apart from providing company to the humans, a lot of dogs perform a lot of work such as helping the police, herding livestock, guarding houses, and rescue work. They are hired for jobs in the police department as dogs have nearly 220 million cells that are smell sensitive spread on an area about the size of a CD, which is very high as compared to human beings 5 million cells. On an average, a dog lives to be 15 years old, and the oldest dog that lived till 29 years was Bluey – a Queensland heeler dog.

The pictures that have been incorporated in our collection consist of many realistic sketches of dogs and puppies having fun while playing. These sheets are loved by people from all over the world irrespective of their ages as they adore this animal very much. For adults also, we are offering images that contain complex designs and patterns drawn on the dog figurines to color. These sheets are really very easy for kids to print and color on our webpage. The printable dog colouring pages can also be used to organize coloring activities in the play schools. Thus, download all these pictures and paint them using different shades of dog colors.

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