Printable Dragon Tales Coloring Pages For Preschoolers

Dragon Tales is an animation preschool television series that was produced by the famous duo of Ron Rodecker and Jim Coane. The storyline of the series is based on the adventures of a brother and a sister namely, Max and Emmy, and their friends namely Quetzal, Ord, Zak, Cassie, and Wheezie that are dragons. The series was first aired on the well-known kid’s channel PBS Kids block in the year 1999 and the final one broadcasted on November 25, 2005. All these characters from the series and the two siblings Max and Emmy have been showcased in the latest collection of Dragon tales coloring sheets.

These pages have been loved by the kids from all over the world, much due to the fame that the series had achieved when it was being broadcasted. These sheets are also provided in various play schools in the form of activity sheets for the children to color and have fun. Not only the kiddos but also the adults like the series as well as its coloring pictures due to the fact that this series used to encourage their little ones by many means and modes. If you are also a Dragon Tales fan then I am sure you are going to love our collection. All these pictures are easily available on our website for free. So, get them all and paint them using different bright shades of color to make them lively.

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