Baby Eeyore Coloring Pages For Kindergarten

Eeyore is one among the chief characters from Winnie the Pooh cartoon series that is based on the books written by the famous A. A. Milne. He is a gloomy old donkey that always expects the worst to happen and is a very close friend of Winnie. This donkey is barely ever happy, is ironically humorous, and a bit skeptical. In an ironic manner, he really seems to be enjoying his gloomy behavior and believes that it is the essence of his life. However, he is truly appreciative towards the effort that his friends make to cheer him up and still remains a good friend. This well-known donkey has been incorporated in the extensive collection of Eeyore coloring pictures for kids to color. These pages are trending on the web due to the fame that Winnie the Pooh series has achieved over the entertainment circuit.
Eeyore’s fussy persona might be assigned to the fact that his tail is attached to his backside using a drawing pin and can fall off anytime. He doesn’t like his tail at all but he proclaims that nothing better can take its place. He admires sad story tales because after reading them he feels a lot more appreciative of his life. He also genuinely loves to eat sugar cubes.

All the pages in the category feature this lazy and gloomy donkey in the form of many black and white sketches for colouring. The baby Eeyore coloring picture is a hot favorite among many people from all over the world. It also features the characters like Tigger, piglet, and pooh along with Eeyore from the famous series. So, catch a hold on these sheets on our website to have utmost fun coloring them in different splashes of color.

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