Flushed Away Coloring Pages For Kindergarten

We know that it still make you smile when you think the reactions of Roddy in Flushed Away. This animated comedy film is full of adventure and was released in the United States on 3rd November 2006. When talking about the collection of flushed away coloring pictures over the web, the designers have efficiently described the movie and its video game as well by capturing the signature style expressions and activities of Roddy. The coloring sheets available in the collection can be enjoyed by both the kids and adults.
The movie has been focused on the main protagonist of the movie, Roddy, is a rat with a luxurious standard of living but things, however, turned to a different path when he gets flushed accidentally from a toilet into the sewers of London. The whole movie then revolves around the adventurous experiences of him when he enters into the sewer line. The film was highly appreciated due to the mannerisms that the main character ‘Roddy’ inhibited. The fame that the film acquired on the international circuit proved to be an advantage for our set of Flushed Away coloring sheets.

The black and white sketches that depict various comedy scenes of the film have been many people from all over the globe irrespective of their ages. Therefore, we recommend you to check out our extensive set of coloring pages that illustrate the comical rat along with other characters from the movie. Catch a hold on all these sheets from this category and paint them using different splashes of bright colors.

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