Garfield Coloring Pages Printable Book For Kids

Garfield Coloring Pages – Garfield is perhaps one of the most famous cartoon cats of all time. Garfield is a round ball of fun that originally began as a comic series, created by the famous Jim Davis, who is very popular for his comic strips of Tumbleweeds and U.S. Acres. The series revolves around an orange cat that has a lazy bone in its body, loves eating lasagna a lot and hates the concept of dieting. You can even create a Garfield Coloring Book using these pages.

Garfield Coloring Pages

As time passed, this comical character has become more and more famous and has been seen in the games, websites, stage show, and comedy shows. Recently, the Garfield comic book series holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s most published comic strip. The exclusive collection of Garfield coloring sheets features this sluggish round cat in many exciting avatars. There is a cute character in Disney i.e. Bambi. You can even check the Bambi Coloring Pages.

Garfield Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

These pages also showcase the cartoon character performing many activities such as listening to music, being a punk, dressed as a king, having fun with friend Odie, and much more. The designers of these sheets have created them in such a unique way that people are going crazy about them. So, don’t wait and get them all from our webpage in pdf format for free. There are some really cute Baby Garfield Coloring Pages.

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