Good Friday Coloring Pages Free Printables

Good Friday is a very important day as it commemorates the last few hours of Jesus life and death. This is declared as the gazetted holiday in India.  To honor this great day, we have provided some Good Friday Coloring pages that can be printed and colored on the same day. Kids will definitely love to involve in the Good Friday coloring pages. These coloring sheets can the best way to aware them about the importance of this day, this will increase their knowledge and develop the interest in the festival events.

Good Friday Coloring Pages

Most of the Christians observe Good Friday before the Easter Sunday. The symbol of Good Friday is cross that represents how Jesus Christ diet. We also use black clothes to cover the statues and painting in churches. There are many thoughts about why the Jesus death on the cross is called as Good Friday.

Some believe that Jesus endured on that Friday, that time represents the act of love as Jesus has accepted to death to pay for the humankind’s sins. The day is also called as Great Friday or Black Friday or Sorrowful Friday. Good Friday Celebration is done before the Easter Sunday, people involve prayers and fasting on this great day. Churches organize special services during the midday, to remember that time when Jesus was hanged on the cross. Handmade cross-shaped kites are flown in Bermuda on the Good Friday for the remembrance death and his ascension to heaven. In some countries, many churches are draped in black to show the Jesus suffering on the cross.

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