Free Printable Happy Feet Coloring Pages

When we think of penguins or watch them on TV, it reminds us of the famous character named Mumble from the movie Happy Feet. Such is the magical effect of this character on the mind of lots of people all throughout the world.    Happy Feet is a popular American computer animation family movie that has been directed by the well-known George Miller. This movie was released in all theaters of the North American continent in November 2006.  This film achieved many awards like the Academy Award for Best Animated Film and was loved by the audience due to the performance of Mumble, the main protagonist of the movie. The character is very free-spirited, funny, and jovial that made the penguin make its way into the heart of the audience. The latest collection of Happy Feet coloring pictures showcases Mumble – the enthusiastic penguin performing many activities like dancing, smiling, sleeping, etc. Following the success achieved by the movie at the box office, the coloring pages have also been loved many people irrespective of their ages.

In the movie, Mumble has been described as a male king penguin who possesses the unique ability to perform the tap dance. Therefore, everybody criticizes him for the talent that is unusual among all other penguins. Following this, Mumble finds out a place where he can dance and no one can see him performing. Amongst all other sheets, the picture that illustrates Mumble happily dancing in the snow is the hot favorite among lots of coloring lovers.

These pictures also feature Mumble – the emperor penguin along with his group of penguins and many others in the form of black and white sketches. These pages are available on our website for free and can be printed very easily. So, catch a hold on all these sheets to relive the enjoyable moments from the Happy Feet movie. Color these images using vibrant shades to turn Mumble lively.

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