Realistic Horse Coloring Pages For Adults

Horses came into existence millions of years ago and belong to the Equus family that includes mules, zebras, and monkeys also. The horses are considered to be independent, intelligent, and free-spirited but require training to stay focused. It has been estimated in a research that there are nearly 751 million horses on the earth, and perform different tasks depending on their habitat. In developed nations, horses are used to have quality leisure time, like playing sports like polo, horse riding, and horse racing. Whereas in a developing country, they are used to pull carriages, plows, and other heavy things as they are strong. These animals live in a group or herd, which means they don’t like being alone. They communicate by making feeble, neighing sounds, and through body language which is also known as nickering. Generally, their ears might tell you what they are thinking or are about to do like if the ears that are leaning against the neck, it signifies that the horse is sad or annoyed by something. When the ears are facing forward and are erect, it means the horse is happy.

There are more than 350 living breeds of horses on the planet that fall into four main categories namely Light, Ponies, Draft, and Feral. The light horses have very small bones and weigh particularly less than other horses. These are used for horse riding by the opulent people. For an example The Arabian horse. Draft horses are larger in size as compared to the horses in the light category and are also called ‘Heavy horses’. They possess big bones, muscular limbs and are generally working horses. For examples the Clydesdales and Shire horses. The Ponies are very small horses with maximum height being 57 inches. For instance: Haflingers and Shetlands. Feral foals are generally referred to as semi-wild or wild horses, for example, Mustang is a feral horse.

A new-born foal can stand on its legs within first few hours and can sustain with the group in about a day. But, the young horse is unable to eat grass due to its long legs that don’t let it reach the grass. All the categories of horses, their movement, and their young ones have been showcased in our latest collection of Horse colouring pages for the admirers of this elegant looking animal. For the preschoolers, the horse pictures to color can be used as colouring activity sheets, to make them familiar with these animals. These sheets have achieved success over the web on many websites due to the dynamicity of the horse and its strong body structure. These pages are easily available on our webpage for free and in high-quality graphics. So, get all these sheets and paint them using different shades of colors.

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