Jasmine Coloring Pages – Disney Princess Colouring Pages

Jasmine Coloring Pages-Jasmine is a fictional character that appears in the film Aladdin. The release of the movie was marked in the year 1992. The voice of Jasmine was given by the actress Linda Larkin. The princess belongs to the place Agrabah. She has grown up in a palace that follows certain rules. One such law is that the princess will have to marry a prince. This rule was to be followed on the coming birthday of Jasmine. Once you watch the tale you are going to fall in love with the character. Thus, we have a collection of Jasmine Coloring Pictures for you.

Princess Jasmine Coloring Pages

Jasmine didn’t want to follow the age-old rule of marriage. She wanted to marry someone whom she loves. Unlike other Disney princess, Jasmine is a supporting character in the film. The color of Jasmine’s dress is blue. She has long hair and wears a golden headband. You can show your creativity by coloring the Jasmine coloring sheets. The name of the character is actually inspired by the name of the actress Jasmine Guy. Jasmine falls in love with Aladdin. The story has adventures, romance, and magic that will make you fall in love with each and every character. Know more about Jasmine through Aladdin Coloring Pages.

Jasmine Colouring Pages

Here, the collection includes a variety of images of Jasmine. If your kids love the character then gift them a Jasmine Coloring Book. They are going to love it. You can involve them in an artistic hobby by using these pictures. You won’t have to make any changes to the pages as these are of HD quality. These are printable and available free of cost. You are just one click away from the entering the world of Jasmine. So download them now.

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