Jesus Feeds 5000 Coloring Pages For Kids

When you utter the name of the holy Christ, the scene that at first comes to your mind is the story where the compassion of Jesus Christ shows through his miraculous feeding the 5000 people along with his pupils. This story is not only became one of the most remembered parts of Holy Bible, but also make us believe in the almighty and his unending love for us. It is narrated in that chapter that Jesus showered his empathy and embraced the commoners by distributing barely five loaves and two fishes among the five thousand men and his pupils apart from the women and children. This part not only holds importance due to the miraculous incident but also give us the teaching to have undivided faith in him.

Our inspiration of showing the pictures of this miracle story comes from the Bible and the followers who have to feel Jesus’s true love in their life. The sketches of this incident and the scenes are elaborately illustrated so that the children learn good things and also found the coloring of these pictures interesting. These Jesus Feeds 5000 Coloring Pages have gained a huge popularity due to its excellent collection of the drawings.

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