Mowgli Jungle Book Coloring Pages For Kids

The Jungle Book is an amazing American animated film produced by the Walt Disney Pictures that released in the year 1967. This is the first animated feature after Walt Disney’s death in late 1966. The film is inspired by the stories from the book of the same title by the famous Rudyard Kipling. After the film’s success, Disney released a live-action sequel in 2016.The film is one of the most popular Disney movies of all time as its popularity was comparable to that of The Lion King and Frozen. The story revolves around the undomesticated child Mowgli and his quest in the jungle. The main characters of the movie like Mowgli, Baloo – the sloth bear, Bagheera – the panther, Sher khan – the Bengal tiger, and others have been showcased in the Jungle Book coloring sheets.

These pages illustrate all these creatures and Mowgli in the form of exquisite sketches to print. In the play schools, these printable pictures are circulated as activity sheets to be colored by the children. To relive the special moments from the movie through coloring, download all these images, from our website.

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