Free Disney Lady & Tramp Coloring Pages

Lady and the Tramp is an American animation movie that was created by Disney and was published in the year 1955. This animated romance film is the fifteenth animated feature in the Disney Animated Group of movies. The story of the movie has been inspired by the well-known book Happy Dan, The Whistling Dog by the famous writer Ward Greene and revolves around a female American Spaniel Dog, who is named Lady and lives with a polished, rich family, and a male stray mongrel that is named Tramp. A sequel of this movie, Lady, and the Tramp II: The Scamp’s Adventure was also published in the year 2001. Today, this film is weighed as one among Disney’s sterling classics. All the main characters and the male and female protagonists have been beautifully incorporated into the latest collection of Lady & Tramp coloring sheets.

This category of coloring pictures has been loved by people from all over the world and has subsequently acquired a lot of fame on the web as well. These coloring books also showcase the loving bond that both the lady and the tramp share with each other. Among all the images, the picture in which both Lady and Tramp are having spaghetti and meatballs is a hot favorite among many kids as well as adults. To catch up on all the exquisite sketches of these characters, download them from our website for free. Get them all and paint them using vibrant splashes of color.

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