11 Lego Coloring Pages To Print (Batman/Star Wars/Superman)

Lego Coloring Pages- Lego coloring pages is a collection of multiple characters that belong to the movies of lego series.  The lego theme is the classification of various lego sets based on the main subject they cover. They are sorted by using their themes. For example- Lego coloring pages star wars. With the initiation of the minifigure system, three themes were introduced. During the initial stage, there were three major themes. These were Castle, Space, and Town. After some time new subthemes were introduced. These themes consist of minifigures.

Lego Coloring Pages Ninjago

There was an introduction of boats and trains. These themes were similar to town theme but they were not counted as its subtheme. Another unique theme was the model team. Its main focus was on recreations of real-world vehicles. There was an introduction of Pirates theme in 1989 and Belville in 1994. By the year 1999, there were six major minifigure themes. These themes are Space, Aquazone, Castle, Western, Pirates, and Town. After a certain period of time, there was an addition of popular media franchises. These franchises also include lego batman coloring pages.

Lego Colouring Pages

The themes of lego have undergone continuous change. There are still some themes that run for several years. To take you through this journey of theme addition we have a collection of the best ones. These pictures include the lego friends coloring pages and many more. For all the lego theme lovers this is going to be your one-stop destination. As users do not like working again on the coloring pages so we have included the pages that are printable. This helps in using the page the time you download them. Use these lego coloring pages for kids and let them show their creativity. Download the pages now and enjoy its latest collection.

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