11 Lion Coloring Pages-Animal Coloring Pages

Lion Coloring Pages-A lion is a species that belongs to the cat family. These are deep-chested have a muscular look. With rounded head and ears, they have a reduced neck. Similar to wolves, they live in large groups that are called pride. This group consists of related females, unrelated males, and offspring.  A typical group of lion consists of 15 members. There are some prides that are even as large as 40 members. Get into the world of this predator by using the lion colouring pages. You can make these lion coloring images more interesting by using your creativity.

Lion King Coloring Pages

The weight of a male lion is about 500 pounds while that of females is 400 pounds. Tigers are much larger in size as compared to the lions with their weight up to 850 pounds. Although they are called the king of the jungle they do not live over here. In fact, you will find them in the plains and grasslands. For instance, you can also check the mountain lion coloring pages. It is interesting to know that female lion do the hunting. Male lions usually stay at home and look after the pride. Do check the cute pictures of puppy coloring pages.

Lion Coloring Pages For Adults

You might have only heard the word cubs for the lion babies. There are other names too like whelps and lionets. The word lionet means small lion while whelp means the young member of the carnivorous family. There are even cartoon series, movies, and other entertainment sources based on lions. Here, you will find the unique collection of lion coloring picture. All the images are of HD quality so that the user can immediately use them. We are sure these coloring pages are going to be loved by you. You are just one click away from download the whole collection of coloring pages.

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