Disney Lion King Coloring Pages to Print

The Lion King is a well-known animated movie for the children, which was produced by Walt Disney that was released in the year 1994. This film revolves around the main character Simba – the lion and the adventures that take place in a kingdom of animals in Africa. Simba, Nala – his childhood friend, Scar – his jealous uncle, Mufasa – Simba’s father, Timon, and Pumbaa are the lead characters of the movie. The emotional connect that this story of the lion created with the audience made this film the highest-grossing animation film at the box office until Finding Nemo was released. All these lions, hyenas, and other creatures from the film have been offered in our extensive collection of Lion King coloring sheets.

After the huge success at the box office, two video games also released that were based on the film. The Lion King was the first game that was available in the year 1994 for various gaming consoles. Simba’s Mighty Adventure was the title of the second game that came to the scene in 2000 by the famous Activision for platforms like the PlayStation and Game Boy Color.  These were particularly based on The Lion King film and its story tale was hooked onto the sequel. The Timon & Pumbaa Games for the PC also achieved a lot of appreciation as the game included a variation of pinball, a game where the players could use a pea-shooter to strike enemy creatures in the jungle and another game that features Timon jumping onto hippos to traverse a river and bring bugs to Pumbaa.

These pages showcase many exquisite sketches of the action scenes that take place between Simba and his uncle Scar. This category also has some humor attached to it by means of the comical characters namely Timon and Pumbaa. The images of Simba and Nala are the most popular among all the other sheets in the collection.  These sheets can be colored by the kids as well as the adults and are easily available from our website. Paint them all using different and vibrant splashes of color.

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