10 Little Mermaid Coloring Pages-Disney Princess Coloring Pages

Little Mermaid Coloring Pages-The Little Mermaid is an animated fantasy film. The film was produced by the Walt Disney Feature Animation. It is a story of a mermaid princess whose name is Ariel. She dreams of becoming a human. The official release date of the movie was 17th November. All the characters in the movie are very interesting and you are going to fall in love with them. Ariel is one of the most popular characters of Disney princesses. These little mermaid coloring pictures must be in your coloring pages collection.

Printable Little Mermaid Coloring Pages

Ariel dislikes the life underwater. She is a princess of the kingdom of Atlantica. Due to her fascination towards humans, she collects human artifacts. A seagull whose name is Scuttle gives her information about the human culture. The information offered by him is completely inaccurate. One night Ariel travels to the ocean surface to watch Prince Eric’s birthday celebration. Due to bad weather, Eric falls from the ship and Ariel saves him. The story revolves around both of them and Ursula an evil woman. This is an adventurous story full of emotions. For those who love her friend, we have also included the little mermaid flounder coloring pages. Experience the magical world of Aladdin with jasmine coloring pages.

Little Mermaid Colouring Pages

You might have searched for little mermaid coloring pages online. There are not many numbers of sites that offer HD quality coloring pages. We here offer high-quality pages so that you can print and color them. The story has a beautiful end where Ariel turns human forever. This leads to the marriage of Ariel and Eric. These coloring pages of the little mermaid will take you through her journey. Kids love such fascinating stories. In fact, Flounder is another character that is really famous amongst kids. You must download the complete collection.

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