Penguins Of Madagascar Coloring Pages

Madagascar is an enormous island state situated on the south-eastern coastline of Africa. It is a home to several thousand species of animals, beaches, rainforests, and reefs. Based on this exotic island location is the 2005 comic adventure movie produced by the DreamWorks Animation. Madagascar – the animated movie comprises of several anthropomorphic animal characters. Due to this reason, the movie achieved lots of appreciation all over the international circuit and made huge collections at the box office. Owing to its popularity, we have constituted an exclusive category of Madagascar coloring pages that offers several grayscale sketches of the animal characters in the movie.

The main characters in the movie are namely Melman, Alex, Moto Moto, Gloria, Zuba, and the penguin foursome comprising Private, Rico, Kowalski, and Skipper. These penguins are the most comic as compared to the other characters just because of their crazy activities. This animated film is all about the adventures of all these creatures along the coast of Madagascar with the character in focus being Alex. All along the movie this lean gold lion named Alex craves for the meat which is in the end satisfied by feasting him with sushi.

All the pages from the category demonstrate the comical scenes from this hilarious movie and many pictures that feature the whole team of these animals. The sheets featuring coy expressions of Gloria are one among the top downloads from this collection. So, if you love and admire these animated animal characters, capture all the pages from our webpage and have fun coloring them for hours.

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