11 Mario Coloring Pages Printable Free

Mario Coloring Pages-Mario is a fictional character that is part of the Mario video game. Shigeru Miyamoto is a Japanese video game designer who designed this character. It was created by him for the company Nintendo. Mario has been serving as the company’s mascot for a long time now. Since the time of its creation, it has been part of over 200 video games. We are sure each one of us has at some point of time playing the video game with Mario in it. Here, you can check the collection of Paper Mario Coloring Pages.

Super Mario Coloring Pages

It is such a popular character that whether you are a kid or an adult you are going to love it. It is shown as a plumber who looks short and pudgy. He resides in the Mushroom Kingdom. The game is about the adventure he has to go through to save the Princess Peach. Here, the villain is the Bowser who looks like a dragon. He has a young brother whose name is Luigi. Here, you will find the unique collection of Mario Colouring Pages. If you like funny games characters then check the Chicken Little Coloring Pages too.

Mario Kart Coloring Pages

The debut of “Mario” occurred in the Donkey Kong game as “Jumpman”. It was on 9th July 1981. In the game, he is shown as a carpenter with a pet whose name is Donkey Kong. He mistreats the ape so it kidnaps his girlfriend. In the game, you play the role of Jumpman and try to save your girl. It was only in the year 1982 that he was renamed to be “Mario”. These Mario Coloring Pages Printable are of HD quality. You can download them instantly and use them for coloring. If you like all of them then download the whole collection. You won’t find these types of Mario coloring pages online anywhere else.

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