Disney Little Mermaid Coloring Pages Barbie

The Little Mermaid is a popular animation movie that is loved and appreciated by both the kids and adults all over the world. The plot of this 1989 movie revolves around Ariel, a mermaid princess, who is bored living her life underwater, loves a lot of adventure, and is very interested in the world outside that is the human world. Along with her best friend Flounder, she gathers human manufactured articles and reaches the surface of the ocean to meet Scuttle that is a seagull, which stuffs them with a lot of absurd knowledge about human culture.

On one night, Princess Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian the crab go to the surface of the ocean to observe a birthday celebration of Prince Eric on a ship. After watching Eric, Ariel is charmed by his appearance and soon a violent storm wrecks the ship and tosses Eric outside the ship. Ariel comes to his rescue and takes him to the shore. After this act, Ariel swears to search a way to meet him and enter his world. All her struggles and adventures have been exquisitely showcased in the latest collection of coloring images titled the little mermaid coloring pages. These pages have also received a lot of acclaim on the web from many people irrespective of their ages. The sheets from this category feature many underwater-themed sketches, which is the main attraction of this category.

This film is the 28th animated feature of the Disney Animated Canon that is inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen small story titled ‘The Little Mermaid’. The film earned above $111 million in the United States and an additional amount worth $99 million all over the globe and is mostly offered acclaim for opening the Disney Renaissance. The success accomplished by this movie worked wonders for the little mermaid colouring pages.

The pages in this category feature princess Ariel, her best friend Flounder, and Sebastian depicting various scenes from the movie. Another category on the web that features Princess Ariel is the Disney Princess coloring sheets, which is loved by a lot of kids to print and color. So, don’t wait and capture all these sketches and drawings and paint them with bright shades of color to make these underwater pictures come alive.

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