Minion Coloring Pages Printable (Bob/Kevin/Stuart)

Minion Coloring Pages-Minions are the creatures that are fictional and yellow in color. You might have seen them in the Despicable Me movie. They are known for their childlike behavior and unique language. There is a section of Universal Studios that is called Illumination. They are the official mascots of that division. They have also become the corporate icon for Comcast after it purchased NBCUniversal. Due to their uniqueness, they are popular amongst kids. If you or your kids love them too then download the minion coloring sheets.

Minion Coloring Pages Printable

These small yellow creatures look like pill capsules. Coming to their height it is 1/3rd to ½ of the height of a human being. Their eyes are brown in color but there is an exception in the case of bob. Bob has one brown and one green colored eye. We have also included minion coloring pages bob. There is no visible nose but they are capable of smelling. Another important fact is that they do not even have ears. Still, they are capable of hearing and responding to sounds. To make them more interesting the collection has minion movie coloring pages too. Minnie Mouse Coloring Pages are also one of the best ones with cute pictures.

Minion Colouring Pages

In most of the cases, the minions appear bald. Even if the minion has hair then it would be only a few strands of black hair. Coming to their clothing, they wear goggles, boots, blue overalls. They speak a language that is a combination of different languages. These languages are Italian, French, Hindi, Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia and English. To make the sound recognizable by everyone the dialogues are dubbed. According to the minion movie, 2015 minions are part of Earth since the beginning. You will find only HD quality free minion coloring pages. You must download them now as they ready to color images.

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