Minnie Mouse Coloring Pages Free Printable

Minnie Mouse Coloring Pages-Minnie is a funny animal character. This character is the creation of Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. Along with Minnie, there is another popular character i.e. Mickey Mouse. Both the characters were first drawn by Iwerks in the year 1928. Minnie was given full name i.e. Minerva Mouse for the first time by Floyd Gottfredson and Merrill De Maris. This name was given through the comic story “The Gleam”. Minnie is popular amongst kids. You must check the Minnie Mouse coloring picture given here.

Printable Minnie Mouse Coloring Pages

The comic strip story also introduced the parents of Minnie Mouse. The name of her father is Marcus Mouse while her mother is unnamed. The same story involves more family members like her uncle and her grandparents. However, her best-known relatives will always be her uncle and twin nieces. If you will watch her story then you will find that Minnie is Mickey’s girlfriend. Thus, the collection includes Mickey and Minnie Mouse coloring pages. She is a close friend of Daisy Duck. Another cute page to download is the Shopkins coloring pages.

Minnie Mouse Colouring Pages

It was on 22nd January 2018 that the star was given the mark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In the year 1928, the makers were looking for a replacement for Oswald. For this, they created Mickey Mouse. Minnie is a flapper girl. Her main outfit is short flapper dress. Her personality is that of a cure and playful cartoon. She sometimes plays the role of a musician or a dancer. To view her cute side you must download the baby Minnie Mouse Coloring Pages. Mickey tries to wind affection of Minnie by trying different techniques. All these princess Minnie Mouse coloring pages are of HD quality. We have tried to add the best collection to the list of coloring pages.

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