My Little Pony Coloring Pages

The inspiration of My Little Pony, an animated television series has been taken from the Hasbro toys. On the later part, the coloring pages have got its idea from this American/Canadian series that has been famed for its high entertainment quotient. The first episode of the series broadcasted on the television in the year 1986 on 15th of September. Our latest collection of My Little Pony coloring pages features all the characters in a well-defined manner. In the series, they live in Paradise Estate where they often find themselves in trouble as all the witches love to see them harmed. Three human children afterward came to their rescue.

Many kinds of ponies have been illustrated in the series that are as follows:

  1. Pegasus ponies are capable of having continuous flight due to their feathered wings.
  2. Earth ponies are bright colored and look like talking real horses.
  3. Flutter ponies that live in the flutter valley are shy but dominant creatures with a lot of undefined abilities.
  4. Baby Sea Ponies are bright colored seahorse-like animals that resemble marine animals.

Although the toys were meant for girls but the success that the toy achieved worked wonders in the field coloring pages. These sheets were highly praised by the people worldwide. Kids love to color the sketches of the ponies from different scenes of the series. These sheets are printable in the pdf format. The whole collection can be downloaded in the form of a high-quality coloring book. Collect them from our webpage and show your creativity with coloring.

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