Palm Sunday Coloring Pages Free Download

Palm Sunday always falls before the Easter Sunday. This day is also called Branch Sunday or Blossom Sunday. This is a Christian feast that commemorates Jesus Christ’s entry into Jerusalem. Download the complete collection of palm day coloring pages for preschool children’s. Select the images and save on your device. You can also find the coloring pages for adults. Share the Palm Sunday Coloring Pages through the social media system.

Palm Sunday Coloring Pages

Palms are used for decorating graves, also used in the houses for good luck.  We use olive, box elder, and other trees where palms are not available.All the sheets are in the printable form. These coloring can be distributed to kinds of all age groups and adults too. You can also print the complete Palm day gallery and give coloring task to the students.

On this day priests and deacons wear red garments and all the palms are distributed at church service. Palm Sunday is the start of Holy Week, commemorating the last days of Jesus Christ’s life. Palm branches are considered as the symbol of joy and a sign of victory over the world in Christianity. Willow is mostly used instead of palm branches in many countries. You can download the latest Palm Sunday coloring pages from here. These coloring pages will make you relaxed and comfortable.
These free sheets showing the Jesus riding on a donkey for Jerusalem. These coloring sheets will make your child more eager to know about the facts and history of this day. Not only children, adults enjoy this activity. So enjoy this activity with your friends and family.

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