Littlest Cutie Pet Shop Coloring Pages To Print

Almost all the kids nowadays watch cartoon characters and their shows on the television all day long. These animated shows have penetrated so well into the life of the children that they generally learn new things from those. The things that the kiddos usually use such as pencil box, eraser, pencil, school bags, and even the clothes bear the pictures of their favorite cartoon character. A similar animated show that has acquired such an amount of love and appreciation is The Littlest Pet Shop, which aired worldwide in 2012. The latest collection of Pet Shop Coloring Pages has been inspired by this show only and features all the little pets that are present at the daycare.

The Littlest Pet Shop owned by Mrs. Twombly has many interesting pets and animals. Its only competitor is the Largest Ever Pet Shop. Blythe Baxter lives and works at this place only, as she and her father reside in the apartment housed above the pet shop. The pets that are usually present at the shop are Pepper Clark, Zoe Trent, Penny Ling, Russell Ferguson, Minka Mark, Vinnie Terrio, and Sunil Nevla. These pets stay at the day camp that is the place where Mrs. Twombly takes care of them whilst their owners are not present.

All these pets have been illustrated remarkably by means of various exquisite sketches in our extensive collection. If your child is also a big fan of these little pets, then these sheets have been specially designed for him or her. So, download them straight from our webpage and surprise your little boy or girl with the pet shop coloring pages!

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