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Pikachu Coloring Pages-Pikachu belongs to a species of Pokemon. It is not a real character. This fictional character appears in movies, television shows, games, and comic books. The license of this character belongs to The Pokemon Company that is a Japanese corporation. The design of Pokemon was originally created by Atsuko Nishida. It was later finalized by Ken Sugimori. The very first appearance of the character was seen in Pokemon Red and Green. It is a very popular character. Thus, you must check the Pikachu colouring pages.

Pikachu Coloring Sheet

Not many know that Pikachu is a mouse. It weighs around 13 pounds and is 1 foot and 4 inches tall. If the Pikachu is a female then there is a dent that appears at the end of the tail. You can create a whole Pikachu coloring book using these pictures. If you have seen Pokemon series then you might know that it was Ash who had Pikachu. Thus, we have added Ash and Pikachu coloring pages too. The Pikachu that was with Ash is male. Throughout the show, you will see that the pokemon is really strong.  To get access to a bunch of more characters check the Pokemon coloring pages.

Pokemon Pikachu Coloring Pages

The pokemon evolves into a Pichu when it is high with happiness. Another form of it is Raichu that is seen when it is exposed to Thunderstone. In Japan, it is as popular as Mickey Mouse in the U.S.A. It is known to recharge its electricity while sleeping. Although the character loves ketchup most of the time it is seen eating berries. You are going to love these cute Pikachu coloring pages. The whole collection is filled with a variety of images of Pikachu. You must download these printable coloring pages of Pikachu now.

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