Presidents Day Coloring Pages For Kids

Presidents Day is celebrated on the third Monday in the month of February. It is the Washington’s Birthday that is also known as Presidents Day. It is a federal holiday and established in 1885 in the honor of Presidents of the United States.

Presidents Day Coloring Sheets

It is officially called Washington’s Birthday by the US government. But now Presidents Day is celebrated in honoring all the past and present presidents of United States. The post has included different kinds of coloring sheets and very creative designs for the Presidents Day. This is a very special day that is why it is declared as holiday from federal government. Celebrate your day by utilizing your time from coloring the sheets. This will sharpen the mind of your children. This is a fun activity also helps in increasing the concentration power.

This holiday was implemented by an Act of congress in 1879 for offices in Washington government. It was included in all federal offices in 1885. As it was the first federal holiday to honor an American President, so this is actually celebrated on the Washington’s actual birthday.

The Presidents coloring pages are available over the web free of cost. They are in the printable form of a coloring book and are available in pdf format. Don’t spend your time in the market or mall, save your time by directly downloading it from here.


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