Puppy Coloring Pages For Free Printable Online

Puppy Coloring Pages-Puppy is a dog that is in the juvenile stage. It depends on the breed as some puppies weigh 1 to 1.5 kg while others may weigh 7 to 11 kg. The term puppy is specifically used for the dogs. They are born after the time period of 63 days. At the age of one, they begin to start eating solid food. Due to their friendly nature and cute looks, these are one of the most popular pets. People love to keep puppies at their home. For all those pet lovers we have Puppy colouring pages. We are sure you are going to love them.

Cute Puppy Coloring Pages

You might have noticed that when puppies are born their eyes are closed. It is only during the first two weeks that their senses develop. The development of senses occurs rapidly. It is only through their nose that they are able to locate their mothers. Not only for kids we have puppy coloring pages for adults too. You are going to have fun coloring them. Another interesting fact about them is that they open their eyes after nine to eleven days after their birth. During the initial stage, their retinas are not properly developed. Due to this reason, their vision is poor. For more cuteness check the cute cat coloring pages.

Printable Puppy Coloring Pages

You might not know but the ears of the puppies remain sealed for about 13-17 days after birth. Between the time period of two to four weeks, the major development in their habits like growling and biting occurs. The developing speed of the puppies is really fast. Thus, we have included realistic puppy coloring pages for you. All these pages are easy to print. These are just perfect for creating the puppy coloring book.  You can even download and color then stick them on the walls of your room.

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