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Rapunzel Coloring Pages – Rapunzel is a fictional character that appears in Disney Animation’s movie. The first feature film that features Rapunzel is “Tangled”. After that, there were other films too that featured this Disney Princess. They are the Tangled Ever After and Tangled: The Series. She is a very popular princess, especially amongst young girls. She has very long hair that make her stand out of other princesses. Here, you can check the collection of Rapunzel coloring sheets. These pages will take you through the beautiful journey of Rapunzel.

Free Rapunzel Coloring Pages

The story revolves around the young princess. A woman whose name is Mother Gothel keeps her away from her royal heritage. She doesn’t even tell her Rapunzel is a princess. The reason she keeps her away is the magical ability of her hair. Her hair had healing properties that can also keep anyone young forever. Glen Keane is the one who animated this movie. The character is based on the novel Brother’s Grimm that has a similar character. Initially, the princess is shown as a small baby. She looks adorable in that phase. Thus, we have also included the baby Rapunzel coloring pages. For a more magical experience, you can check Beauty and the Beast Coloring Pages.

Rapunzel Colouring Pages

Rapunzel is one of the prettiest Disney princesses. She is clever, smart, and fun to watch. For 18 years she has not been out of the tower still she is that way. The personality of this character is based on three actresses. They are Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, and Amy Poehler. These Rapunzel coloring pages printable are free to download. You must download all of them. These are unique and made in HD quality. So you can use them immediately. These are perfect for kids, pre-schoolers, and adults.

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