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Rose Coloring Pages-A rose is a flowering plant that belongs to the genus Rosa. There are about 300 species of it. You can find them in trailing, climbing, and erect form. They are often found with prickles on their stems. They vary in shape and size. You will find them in multiple color options like red, yellow, and white. Most of the rose species are found in Asia. You will find some in North Western Africa, North America, and Europe. Flowers are liked by everyone whether you are a kid or adult. These rose coloring picture are free to download.

Rose Colouring Pages

The white lady is the world’s largest rosebush that is found in Arizona. It is spread over an area of 9,000 square feet. Talking about the oldest living rose. It is found in Germany. The flower grows on the wall of the cathedral. It symbolizes the prosperity of the region. You might have heard people saying that they have seen a black rose. It is not true as there is no black rose in reality. The color of the rose is dark red. These rose coloring images will give you an insight of its variety. Just color them the way you want.  For more variety, you can also check flowers coloring pages.

Rose Coloring Pages Printable

The world’s largest rose ever grown was pink in color. Its diameter was 33 inches. The rose even grows into a fruit called rose hip. It looks like a berry. Although most of them are red in color you will find some in purple or black color. Some of the rose hip consists of a high quantity of vitamin C. Thus, some of them are even used to create jams. Here, we can check a variety of rose colouring sheet. All of them are available in HD quality so download now to enjoy coloring. These pages are free printable.

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