Shrek Coloring Pages For Kindergarten

Shrek is an awesome animated movie that was critically acclaimed and appreciated a lot by many people due to its simple storyline and humor, which has appealed a lot of children worldwide. The movie features an ogre named Shrek who is Princess Fiona’s husband, the best friend of Donkey & Puss and is the father of the ogre triplets. The story features a lot of adventures, action packed scenes, and a lot of comedy. All these sequences from the movie and the main protagonists have been illustrated in our extensive collection of Shrek coloring pages for kids.

The sheets of this category focus mainly on the characters such as the ogre Princess Fiona, Shrek, and Donkey that are the main pillars of the movie. All these characters have been drawn on the sheets in the form of grayscale sketches that the kiddos will surely enjoy to color. Amongst all the other coloring pages in this category, the picture that showcases Princess Fiona and Shrek holding their 3 ogre babies has been admired by lots of people irrespective of their ages.

These sheets are in high-quality and the outline of the drawings is bold and dark, which will enable you to color these pages with ease and perfection using different shades of vibrant colors. Relive all the memories of the movie by helping your kids while they are coloring these pictures and have utmost fun.

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