Skylanders Coloring Pages

The Skylanders coloring pages have been inspired by a video game series known as ‘Skylanders’ that was published into the market by Activision. Among the characters in the game, namely Spyro the Dragon and Cynder, are the most preferable in the kids. The ‘Skylands’ develop the main curiosity for the series since it has been described as the world placed at the core of the universe. The coloring pages have expanded its horizon by incorporating the places that feature these floating islands in the universe. This island contains mountains, forests, deserts, etc. and creates a very pleasant ecosystem for the game.

Our exclusive collection of cartoon pictures showcases the adventures and professional moves that are performed by the characters. It illustrates many action adventure sketches, which acts as a backbone of the group of sheets. To witness this world of gaming you must go through our collection and color your favorite character according to your liking.

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