Free Printable Smurfs Coloring Pages to Print Out

Have you ever witnessed a village made up of mushrooms? If not, then let me take you through to such a village and make you familiar with the inhabitants of imaginary lands. This mushroom village is full of little blue colored creatures that are popularly known as Smurfs. All these characters first featured in the Belgian comic strip but gained fame in the 1980’s when their Television Show surfaced on air.

Since then, these creatures have featured in two animated 3D movies, which released in the years 2011 and 2013 respectively and were a great success at the box office. All these characters have been liked by all of you and hence we have come up with the latest collection of Smurfs Coloring Pages for kids.

This category of coloring sheets features Papa Smurf, who looks over the smurf society that consists of Brainy Smurf, Handy Smurf, Smurfette, and several other Smurfs also. These sheets comprise of several pictures that illustrate many comedy scenes from both the movies in the form of sketches and the line drawing that has been given the perfect finish so that they are ready to color.

These pages have been loved by many people from all the corners of the world due to the cuteness of the Smurfs and bashful expressions that they showcase in the movies. Thus, if your kiddo is also a Smurf fan, then catch a hold of all these coloring pictures to surprise your child with the sketches of his or her favorite cartoon characters.

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