Mexican Sugar Skull Coloring Pages for Adults

A Sugar skull is a creative representation of a human head and considered traditional folk art in the American continent. These indicate the rebirth of an individual into the next phase of life and placed on altars. The skulls are often used on festivals like the ‘Day of the Dead’ and the ‘All Souls Day’ in Mexico and Rome. It is also known as ‘Calaveras’ and is widely made with cane sugar and clays. These things are also given a decorative touch by using colorful foils and beads. They have been illustrated beautifully in our unique set of Sugar skull coloring pages with lots of drawings that can be colored with a variety of shades.

Therefore, the demand for these coloring sheets has increased tremendously in the people irrespective of their ages. Many pictures of this artistic representation of Calaveras are offered on our site to make their free time worthy.

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