The Three Little Pigs Coloring Pages For Preschoolers

Almost all of us have seen, read, or heard the story of the trio of pigs who make their houses with straw, bricks, and sticks to guard themselves against the bad wolf who wants to eat them. The story that I am talking about is none other than ‘The Three Little Pigs’ that is still being taught in schools as a fairytale and is admired by lots of kids worldwide. Owing to the popularity of this short fable, we have introduced the latest category of the Three Little Pigs coloring pages which pictures the three pigs along with the big bad wolf.

The plot of this short movie revolves around the Fifer pig, Fiddler pig, and the Practical Pig who is the most sensible of the lot. Fifer and Fiddler make their house out of straw and sticks which are destroyed by the wolf in a flash while the practical pig builds his house out of bricks to keep away from the big bad wolf and succeeds. The moral lesson learned from this fantastic story is that hard work and dedication pays off!

The sheets in this collection illustrate numerous exquisite sketches that completely describe the story of the piggy in a trio. So, if you like this narrative, then download these coloring pages as soon as possible and paint them using several shades of bright and vibrant colors to provide the characters a lively feel.

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