Optimus Prime Transformers Coloring Pages

The Transformers is an animation movie, which is based on the creative toy line that features these Autobots. This film came to light in the United States of America on 8th of August in the year 1986. The narrative of this popular movie tracks the similar continuity as the cartoon series of the same name. A robot with the size of a planet has been introduced in this feature that is named Unicron that is capable of eating other planets, and is having an eye on the Cybertron. As a part of the continuation of wars, the Transformer Autobots, and the Decepticons engage in a violent battle on the planet Earth which focuses on the Autobots called Megatron and Optimus Prime that is severely injured. The Matrix of Leadership is passed over by Optimus to the Ultra Magnus and eventually dies, and the ferocious Megatron is turned into Galvatron by Unicron the beast. For a moment, Starscream presumes leadership of the Decepticons gang but gets destroyed when the furious Galvatron arrives. Galvatron then chases to kill the Autobots on Earth.

Finally, the Autobots make their way back and assemble as a group, and track Galvatron to Cybertron just like Unicron turns into the robot mode and begins to eat the planet. Traversing into Unicron, the Hot Rod recovers the essential Matrix and then transforms into Rodimus Prime, at last uses the Matrix to get rid of Unicron. All these action-packed scenes from the movie and the vicious Autobots transformers have been aligned in our latest collection of printable Transformers coloring sheets. These pages feature all the well-known transformers such as the Cybertron, Megatron, Galvatron, and Optimus Prime performing their skilled maneuvers.

The movie is often referred by the fans as ‘TFTM’ and was definitely a step ahead in nearly every area from the TV sequences, with a classy storyline, much severe action of violence, and an increased animation budget coupled up with a fabulous voice cast. Due to these positive grounds, the film has been very popular not only among the children but the adults as well. The Optimus prime coloring pages and the transformers Megatron sheets are the hot favorites over the web. These pictures illustrate many realistic sketches of the transforming robots and their battling skill, which have been acclaimed all over the world. If you also want to rekindle the memories of playing with the transformers toys in your childhood, then download these pages from our site for free and paint them using various robot colors.

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