Virgin Mary Coloring Pages & Clip Art

Coloring Pages on Virgin Mary

The Christians believe that the heart of Mother Mary who is always praying for us. She is also given various titles and honorifics by the believers, among these; one of the titles is Virgin Mary. She is also remembered by the Catholics and Protestants as the most meritorious saint. It is believed that she conceived Jesus while a virgin by the Holy Spirit and being a mother of Jesus, gave her the divinity. Her positions and the importance of her role in the Christianity has become our motivation to present a superb collection of her pictures in various positions.

Through the diversified range of the pictures that illustrate her different postures with and Without Jesus. These drawings push the creativity of your child and provide them concepts about Mother Mary and her divine, the Jesus Christ. We hope that your child will learn to color these sketches with different shades and enjoy it.

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