Emerald City Wizard Of Oz Coloring Pages

Wizard of Oz is the first book of the Oz series that is popular all over the world and is read at least once by many people in their childhood as it was bound in the curriculum. This book was written by the famous writer L. Frank Baum and is considered to be the first fable or fairytale to get officially released in the United States of America. The pictures drawn by W.W. Denslow and the established color work goes exactly with the texts drawn, and the outcome has been a book that ascends high above the regular book for the children of today and elevated as is the existing standard. All the characters from the book namely Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin woodman, Toto and the Cowardly lion have been showcased in our extensive collection of Wizard of Oz coloring pages.

The pictures from this category have succeeded on the online circuit much due to the worldwide acclaim that the books got. This collection of coloring pages is full of sketches and line drawings that accurately describe the characters and their mannerisms. The coloring sheets are available free of cost on our webpage and can be colored using several vibrant and bright shades to make the characters lively.

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